Burying PALAKASAN, Igniting Perseverance

By: Gimarie Orgen
               Today we are living in a complex world where reality matters rather than what is possible. This is the reason why most of us live our lives with counter influences that sometimes leads us to our misfortunes. Many of us considered practicality as the wittiest way of battling the challenges in our society as much as in our lives. True enough, because of our endless desires, we tend to strive for a more comfortable status and prominence that favors us ourselves. Self-desires that sometimes wrecks others errand and aggravates their dignity.
We exchange our pure conscience for a favor that will bring us on top. Without considering the fact that it might be unfair for the others who struggle hard in order to achieve their works on their chosen fields. Who among us here can relate with this scenario? Or should I say, WE can relate to this worst scenario. A statement rather than a question. This is the reality. Reality that was taken for granted by many but will never be tolerated by my vigilant and mighty pen.

Well I’m just a typical youth who is undergoing a difficult stage of transformation happening in our changing society. And my point is just, it’s awful to think about the system in our society that is continuing to get worse. A system that keeps on ringing into my ears. Perhaps we are all familiar with the PALAKASAN system that is presently existing in the government, some private institutions and everywhere. This is a common knowledge that is very difficult to eradicate because of ‘those’ individuals practicing this infamous system that have gone too far to remove it.

In digging through, Palakasan or Padrino Sytem is a patronage value system of some Filipinos where one gains favor, promotion or political appointment through family affiliation (nepotism) or friendship (cronyism), as opposed to one’s merit. In relation to Nepotism, the act of giving favor to a relative or a close person to acquire a certain position in an institution. This system was long been practiced by our descendants throughout the history. That even until now is penetrating our culture of complex living.

Palakasan system is the biggest barricade to the development of a merit-based society. It holds back competitiveness by rewarding the people who doesn’t deserve to have it. This practice is wiping out one’s aspirations to excel on their chosen field.

I am not saying that I am a virtuous person who doesn’t even committed a single mistake. My point is, I am just one of those voiceless millennial youth who can barely grasp the ill-fated system in the society that can do nothing because I am not on the zenith to speak. Only my pen has the chance to express and that‘s what I am doing now. I am not considering this matter as a salutary act but just an eye-opener for some. We are the victims of our own selfish desires. Desires that made us done unfair doings.

Halfway, we always have to keep in our minds that in building a bulwark of success, it takes great efforts to achieve it. Gaining prominence and great status as easy as one-two-three has nothing to be proud of. Particularly when you just gained it through the favors given to you. The real essence of success is not about what you’ve become but it is all about how you achieved it. The measure you have used is what truly matters – efforts, pain, sweats and courage.

Those people who succeeded in their lives have gone through a lot. Fighting their own battles was never been easy. We need strong perseverance in order to overcome the challenges that we will encounter. This will lead to a small shift in our society but will leave a tremendous reward to the ones who deserve better. Let’s strengthen the value of true competitiveness through persevering and fighting our battles nobly. May the Padrino Sytem rest in peace.