Existing but Invisible

By: Gemarie Orgen

What are school activities for when there are many students who do not want to get involved?
Millennial youth highly embrace the value of education as part of the changing society that made school central in their lives. Thus, students must have good relations with their schools and other students for them to feel that they are belong. If studying would be essential to every student as part of their long-term well-being, then their attitude will be reflected in their participation of academic and non-academic pursuits.
However, the always underlying dilemma is that not all students think and view alike the importance of participating school activities.
According to the study conducted by Finn and Jenkins, some of the students might not feel the sense of belongingness as different on what the other students feel. Students gradually withdraw from school activities due to some reasons. They might be experiencing youth problem as it is. These attitudes and feelings may be the factors on student’s disengagement in school activities.
Every year, Eastern Samar State University (My school) holds various school activities that would enrich the values, attitudes, talent and knowledge of the students. But sad to say, some students are alienated. They would just participate for the sake of compliance. And worse, some do not bothered at all.
Let’s take for example the recently held Pagdasig 2016. At first, the event seemed overwhelming. The colorful long parade was a testimony to this. However, during the ‘talking parts’ of the prominent individuals of the University, it was also alarming that some students, little by little dispersed away on the venue.
But why? Well, based on what I usually hear in the campus, the existing idea that these activities are only for the witty-slash-active learners plus the improper dissemination of information could be the root cause of their poor attendance. Somehow, they have a point. But are these excuses really considerable?
Interestingly, one afternoon just this month. I happened to pass by and hear some group of students chatting in front of the social hall. They were arguing whether they will attend or not attend the Pagdasig 2016. One student said and I quote, “Mag-aaragno ba it hit pagdasig? For sure diri nadaman kami hit kakarelate, hanggang attendance nala dadaman in”.
This statement caught me then since the student had a point. If only the announcements are disseminated ‘well’ students could have at least prepared for these activities even if they’re not the main highlights of such events.
On the other side, we couldn’t also deny the facts that the problem really lies with the students themselves. Some of them don’t really feel attending school activities.
But lo! Our Instructors and school administrators extend so much effort to organize these activities. Are we just going to put all of these into waste? Basically, the main reasons in organizing these events concerns on fostering the students’ welfare.
Let’s just keep in our minds that a productive student is what make a university itself. And for a school to maintain a well-founded pillar, a good relationship between the students and the school should exist. Poor participation of students in school activities must cease.
We exist in this University as good students and we are expected to follow regulations and participate to the activities that will shape our personality and being. Are we just going to hide behind our shadows and be invisible at all? The challenge is ours.

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