iTransform: The Leaders of Future

By: Hugo Aucena

“We don’t need magic to transform our communities and our world. We carry already that will and power within ourselves. Just have faith,” said PITYLC chair John Maraguinot.

Student leaders of various state universities and colleges in the country were gathered for the 5th Philippine I Transform! Young Leaders’ Convention (PITYLC) held last September 19-22, 2016 at Teacher’s Camp Baguio City, Philippines. The convention aims to discuss the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that is designed as solution to the nation’s problem. Almost 500 youth leaders and their advisers, or 95 delegations from across the islands took part in the said convention.

And fortunately, the leaders from Eastern Samar State University participated in this fruitful event. Spearheaded by the Eastern Samar State University’s Head of Alumni Affairs, Dr. Alicia B. Peñalba and four officers of ESSU’s Supreme Student Councils, Jarwin Calinaya, Joana Amarra, John Dick Flores, Marjorie Borac and Gimarie Orgen, a (Student Publication and Broadcasting Services) SPBS writer.

Attending the Philippine I Transform! Young Leaders’ Convention (PITYLC) is truly an opportunity for the young leaders. Thus, the ESSU student leaders is very much thankful for the chance they got. The lectures were very informative and worth changing. We also enjoyed the fascinating sceneries that defined the true beauty of Baguio City. And yet, the stirring voices, enthusiasm to learn more and the warmth of new friendships made us and other young smart leaders to survive the weather, freezing-cold temperature of Baguio City.

Lot of activities were happened such as group reflections, solidarity dances, team-building and lectures. The PITYLC also featured guest lecturers coming from various organizations that surely gave the youth leaders a vast knowledge in leadership that anchored with sustainable development goals.

Further than the undying desire of the today’s youth, is the burning eagerness to practice a transformational leadership that will allow positive change to happen in the future. The ‘Kabataan Fair’, one of the highlights of the PITYLC, allowed 20 selected delegations to showcase their projects focused on environmental sustainability to the participants and a panel of experts. The said fair turned out as the new platform for a new sustainable resources and innovations that is change oriented.

The knowledge and experiences gained during the convention was truly an indispensable thing. It taught us realize that once a leader takes the step, it would open constructive possibilities of preservation of environment, culture, education and among others.

As being said by one of the convention’s speaker, “It is not enough that only those who have the power, influence and authority carry the solution. We at the PITYLC believe that leadership for any cause is empowering those who look up to us. Who knows, our collective efforts may give birth to new ideas and innovations”.

Lastly, we are the transformed leaders of the future and we are driven with passion of changing the world into a better place. Thus, in living our lives we do our shares.


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