By Glenda Balagapo and Jerome Talon

Year 2016 has been a massive split of good and bad happenings to the Philippines. Issues and all other nerve-wracking pronouncements and occurrence of events made the social media an unexplained chaos. Here, we listed the ten most talked-about topics of 2016, in case you missed them.



The entombment of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. at Libingan ng mga Bayani on Nov. 18, 2016 surprised the whole country and even the world. Netizens took to social media their expression of anger and dismay on what seemed to be a “sneaky” burial. Hashtags like #MarcosNOTaHero and #NeverAgain were among the top trending topic in Twitter. It even triggered thousands of Filipinos – students, Martial Law victims, human rights activists, politicians and even some celebrities – to gather at Luneta Park grounds for what they called the “Black Friday” protest.



According to the recent records of PNP released on January 2, 2017, there have been 4049 victims of extrajudicial killing since Duterte’s war on drug started. The wail and agony of the individuals reported in daily newspapers and national television seemingly shows the injustice of the summary execution done in a vigilante-style or unexplained killings.



President Rodrigo Duterte is not only famous for his violent campaign against drugs, but also for the way he talks and the vulgar statements he says publicly. During a campaign before May National elections, he jokingly said in front of his supporters that he “should have been first” in the rape of an Australian missionary at Davao City. He even called Pope Francis “son of bitch” for causing heavy traffic at Metro during the Pope’s visit last January 2015. On a statement, he told outgoing US President Obama to “go to hell”, this is in line to his series of statements saying that he wants to cut ties with US. But on another interview, he said that PH would maintain its economic and military alliances with the United States.



Dubbed as “Bilibid Drug Queen”, Senator Leila De Lima seems to be President Duterte’s favorite subject for criticism. During a speech, he called her an “immoral woman” for having an affair with her driver and “bagman”, Ronnie Dayan and for their alleged sex video.

De Lima was the former chairman of committee on Justice and Human Rights that investigates on cases of extra-judicial killings as Duterte’s war on drugs continues. She was removed from her chairmanship as Sen. Manny Pacquiao filed a motion to have the position vacant. She was shortly replaced by Sen. Richard Gordon.

The Supreme Court recently released a disbarment case against De Lima requesting her to respond to the complaint of Atty. Fernando P. Perito within 10 days.



Speaking of mobile games, 2016 was flooded with various virtual games that captured the interest of the avid pinoy gamers. Top of which is Pokemon Go, a location-based augmented reality game that take its users to the virtual world of Pokemons. Clash of Clans (COC) made it also on the top list, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy video game in which players build a village, train and set troops for battle, then attack other players to earn gold, elixir and dark elixir. Messenger can be more interesting and bored-reliever if you update your app to its newest version. Special feature of the latter is the instant 17 games that allow users to play games on the spot.



#DU30 #BBM2016 #LabanLeni #Halalan2016 #PHVote #Elecksyon2016. Hashtags that bombarded social media during last year’s May national elections. Many different platforms and slogans blasted the entire nation and the world as well. However, “Change is coming” saying of Rodrigo Duterte only became the most popular and most used among Filipinos. Netizens joined the scorching battle of the candidates through posting statuses using the aforementioned hashtags.


  1. FILMS

Here we have ranked the top grossing Filipino films in the country last year. The Super Parental Guardian took first by garnering an estimated total of 598M pesos including the international gross. Followed by Barcelona: A Love Untold (240M), The Unmarried Wife (190M), Everything about Her (151M), Imagine You and Me (120M), Always Be My Maybe (105M), Vince and Kath and James (105M), and Just the Three of Us(100M) respectively.



Major terrorists’ attack happened worldwide and Philippines wasn’t an exemption. On September 2, 2016 a bomb explosion happened at a crowded night market at Davao City killing 14 people. However, one of the injured victims of the said bombings died the following day marking 15 casualties.

Same explosion happened three days before New Year, a cell phone-triggered improvised explosive device (IED) blasted the town plaza of Hilongos, Leyte during a boxing match leaving 35 people injured.



2016 certainly was a year of #DanceChallenges. Among the dances that got netizens grooving, shaking and grinding were Running Man Challenge, Trumpets Challenge, Fetty Wap Dance, Hornes Dance, Jumpshot and Sidekick by American singer and rapper Dawin.



You name it. From Hidilyn Diaz getting a silver medal on women’s 53-kg weightlifting competition of the 2016 Rio Olympics; Kylie Versoza being crowned as Miss International 2016; Jaclyn Jose being the first Southeast Asian thespian to win Best Actress at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival; Sen. Manny Pacquiao winning a WBO welterweight title on his comeback fight against American boxer, Jessie Vargas; to Paolo Ballesteros winning the Best Actor award at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival in the film Die Beautiful wherein he portrays a role of a transwoman. These remarkable people have just proved to the world that Philippines is a powerhouse of beauty, arts and talents.



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