The Blurred Vision Jerome B. Talon

Education throughout history was introduced to people as the very basic way to learning and understanding things around us. However, as world peaks its 21st century, quality of education becomes a necessity where competency and standard matter. Beyond that, being a well-rounded person seeking for opportunities would somehow make an impact for a greater chance of employment.

Instructors play a fundamental role in the lives of students in every educational institution. They are highly regarded as educators who impart knowledge to students through teaching. The effectivity and efficiency of instructors reflect in the academic performance of students in the classroom. Moreover, instructors play an essential part in the success of the university by bridging and guiding students towards their goals.

Our institution envisions a synergistic university producing competent, value-laden and globally competitive graduates who are proactive in promoting the socioeconomic prosperity of the country. Students’ success would mean their instructors’ success and the university as well. Nevertheless, before our university could realize its vision, healthy and harmonious working relationship between instructors and students must exist primarily and be established within themselves.

When problems arise along the way, instructors are expected to intervene. Students are different from each other, there are fast-learners and there are intellectually-challenged individuals who need more attention to understand better a lesson. Instructors should never disregard this fact for it is vital for effective instruction. Besides, they are the second parent of the students who give words of wisdom, who encourage students to strive for greatness and who helps lighten the burden of a trouble student; academic learning blended with social learning could be powerful if this happens inside a classroom. Students could freely speak out and have the confidence to participate in an interactive discussion. Students are inspired to learn when they have a strong bond with their teachers and they could open up their school and personal problems as well.

However, the statement above is somehow ironic. Instructors are just merely instructing. Some instructors are assigned to a subject different from their expertise. An instructor once said, “Kay pagaanhon ta ma in, asya man an gin hatag haak. It ak makaya kay didto na gadla kita.” In light of this, the effectivity of instruction is evidently in great trouble. There are also instructors who would just let the day end without even asking the students if they have learned something from the lesson. Furthermore, there are instructors who are fond of giving handouts and return in class after several days of absence for a quiz or when a major exam is about to wave.

During the first day of classes, instructors usually provide students with course syllabi, where topics to be discussed all throughout the semester are listed. However, due to some reasons of absences, the entire lessons were left halfway tackled making students unsatisfied. Students are susceptible to influence that instructors could greatly affect the behavior of students in the class. If they are often observed coming late in class, then the more likely the students will come late in class, too. Chronic truancy of the students could be a sign that instructors are no longer effective. Furthermore, some instructors prefer to consume half of the allotted time rebuking students for poor academic performance and for coming late in class. They don’t realize that just like them, they suddenly appear in class if they want to and they even forget that they did not teach the lessons that were supposedly significant for their students. That is why most students put this line in trend, “Ang lakas mang bagsak hindi naman nagtuturo”.

If dedication and friendly working relationship between instructors and students would reign inside a classroom, then perhaps our university would be able to discern even beyond the range of its vision. Topnotchers and passers for every licensure examination would increase in number to its very possible potential. Indeed, our university has something more to bring out. It’s just in our hands if we will let our expectation comes into reality

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